Jiqi 50 W 750 ml hogar limpiador ultrasónico de la onda Limpieza máquina microordenador CONTROL 200 240 V o 100 120 V

irrigador oral boquillas, diamantes de imitación. para las uñas

Tarjeta De Limpieza

Dust brush suction. G-030s. Gl0089. Limpiadores concentrados. Mini limpiador. Wholesale engrase. Limpieza del hogar. 175*145*70mm. 1440w. Vgt-6250. Resistente al agua limpia. Artesanía de pestañas postizas: 

Limpiador Ultrasónico Profesional

Bicycle clean tool set. 360x300x160 (mm). 550 * 330 * 360mm. Function 4: Aspirador 1000 w. Cepillo de dientes 3dCe,cb,csa. Steam nozzle temperature: Ultrasónico 2en1. Tipo: Tank material: 

Placa De Circuito Electrónico

240~600w. 110~220v. Lab,medical,biochemistry for degas ,mix,dissolve. Ps-20al. 550 * 330 * 270 mm( l x w x h ). Wholesale limpiador de baño. Roborock s50. Oem/odm: 255*245*275mm. Electric rotation. 

Wholesale Módulo Ultrasónico

11.5 kg. 290 * 223 * 185 mm. Cleaner limpiador eléctrico. Limpiadores de vegetales. A390e usb. Green/pink. Baños de ultrasonidos. Tank capacity: Oral b cepillo de dientes braun. Yl-040s. Solución de limpieza por ultrasonidos de la joyería. Function 2: Aire acondicionado limpiador. Removedor de uñas de gel. Jp-890. 

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Mermaid from an ancient mermaid tribe encountering a human male who she saved from drowning, who happened to be the next in line for the chief of his own tribe that either sees mermaids as deities or monsters. she befriended him and learned about the human world and its ways. Something happened and the mermaid had to temporarily part ways with the man who she grew attached to, and by a wish and some magic, she was granted the opportunity to become a human. The only thing is that nobody, not even the man, should know her real past identity (in which he eventually figured himself as she “stumbled upon” his tribe claiming that she “was lost” but already knew so much of his culture and tradition) and got together at one point. But thenn nnn they had a lil bab who had similar “sight powers” as her mother who was a mermaid but this was so visible (her eyes are bright blue when everyone else’s is brown) and this took a toll on the safety of the pair and their child bc secrets are revealed and stuff happens (dw good ending good ending!)

idk man i just have a lot of thoughts but i don’t flat out detail them sob but i hope you guys like them!!! i really had fun drawing these (even though they were so time consuming and tiring!!!) the outfits, bg etc are loosely based on dayak and iban tribe designs, as i have mentioned that i was exploiting my southeast asian roots ahah. also it’s sooo little mermaid based too lolol

man i miss my tablet i’m still patiently waiting for my boxes

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I know I just posted the next chapter of Project Bloodhound, but it’s been a long freaking time since I shared a snippet, so have this cute image from a later chapter:

    Jesse picked up the projector disc next, and activated it. It displayed a picture of Sarah and Gabriela. Jesse couldn’t help staring. He hadn’t seen his mom since the wedding, and the pictures Ruth kept out were all old. The gray in Sarah’s hair was striking now, where before it had been only a whisper of things yet to come. She was smiling wide in the picture, which accentuated the lines around her mouth. Gabriela leaned against her, her head resting against Sarah’s shoulder and her arm wrapped around Sarah’s waist. They wore matching sun dresses: Gabriela in yellow and Sarah in blue. Jesse could see their one-story stucco house behind them.

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